Christ Lutheran Church & School             West Bloomfield, Wisconsin 

Lift high the cross, 
the love of Christ proclaim, 
Christ Ev. Lutheran Church Boards:
President: Scott Weiland
Vice President: Kyle Tesch
Treasurer: Jerry Kobiske
Financial Secretary: Diane Hartzke
Board of Elders
Chair: Russell Lubeck
Lee Krause
Steve Loehrke
Jerry Strey
Curt Schneider
Danny Strey – Head Usher
Board of Adult Education
No Chair: Covered by Adult Study Group
Board of Children’s Christian Education
Chair: Stacy Mundschau
Jenni Boelter
Tad Masaros
Kyle Tesch
Board of Fellowship
Chair: Karen Tesch
Judy Keller
Pam Strey
Kathy Weiland
Board of Evangelism
The Congregation
Board of Stewardship
Chair: Diane Hartzke
Beth Buchholtz
Board of Trustees
Chair: Stan Boelter
Mike Boettcher
Lance Buchholtz
Jerry Dorsett
Aron Robbert
Board of Young People
Chair: Chantel Mundschau
Brendon McMahon
Petrea McMahon
'Til every heart adore
    His sacred name!